Like This How to Overcome Babies Difficult to Eat

Over the age of 6 months, babies have started to be given food. However, babies are often difficult to eat so that makes mothers feel anxious, for fear it will interfere with the development of the baby. If this condition occurs in your baby, it helps you understand how to cope with a baby having difficulty eating. Difficult babies eat can be caused by many things, for example because they feel full, food allergies, tired, do not like the food provided. In addition, several conditions, such as premature birth, diarrhea, jaundice, and ear infections, can cause babies to have difficulty eating. Although classified as normal, difficulty eating can have a fatal impact on the baby if left untreated, especially for a long time. Various Ways to Overcome Difficult Babies to Eat Facing a difficult baby to eat is tiring, but try to stay calm. In certain cases, babies can grow up healthy and normal despite difficulty in eating. However, if your weight does not increase due to difficulty in ea
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